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SWG Profession Guide - Smuggler
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Post SWG Profession Guide - Smuggler
The Smuggler FAQ
By Smuggler_Caylin


What skills do I need to become a Novice Smuggler?

Brawler Unarmed 4
Marksman Pistol 4
50k Pistol XP
What are the Smuggler Titles?

Dirty Fighting
What weapons can I use with Dirty Fighting moves?
Only pistols, though all pistols work with the skills including Launchers and DX2s.

What combat modifiers does Dirty Fighting grant me?
At DF1 we get Ranged Damage Mitigation 1 At DF3 we get Melee Damage Mitigation 1 we get no accuracy, speed, or damage modifiers in any Smuggler Tree.

What moves do we get then?
Dirty Fighting I - Feign Death

Dirty Fighting II - Panic Shot 2.6 time, x2 damage. Fires in an area of effect cone 45% arc, and can hit multiple targets. Once a target has been hit you will be notified on screen that it has been delayed 10sec. This means it's next combat que action is delayed by 10sec. It is resistible, and also anyone hit by it will be immune to further panic shot effects for 30 sec. (30 sec immunity timer)

Dirty Fighting III - Low Blow - 2.4 time, x2 damage ranged knockdown. (30 sec immunity timer, separate from panic shot)

Dirty Fighting IV - Last Ditch - 4.0 time, x6 damage stuns. This will do 6x damage to a random HAM pool and has a chance to stun a target.

Damage and delays are calculated by Jaegen's formula in the Pistoleer FAQ: Actual Damage = Weapon Damage * 1.5 * Special Move Damage Modifier Actual Delay = Weapon Delay * Special Move Delay * (1 - Skill Speed Bonuses / 100)

Thanks to everyone for the testing!

What does Feign Death do?
Once you give the feign death command it goes into your command que. The next time you are hit after Feign is qued up will incap you for a few seconds. You will stay down until you choose to get up buy giving a stand command. MOBs will not attack you while you are in this incap state and will eventually wander back to their lair. They will however re-aggro you when you stand, so be ready. Players in PvP can still shoot you, each shot will continue to cause wounds (black bar) to you, but they can never DeathBlow you unless you stand up and let them. Your equipment does not decay if you Feign Death.

I hit Feign Death and still died?
Feign has several instances in which it will not work:

If it was not first in the Que, hit ctrl-Backspace to clear your que before FD.

If you're kneeling.

If your HAM is too low to commit Feign (~155 HAM cost)

Also, we gain Feign skill as we advance (+10 +20 etc), the more enemies attacking you the higher chance for failure.


What are spices?
Spices are "buffs" that give your character enhanced stats for a limited time. When the spices wear off though, you suffer from a 'downer' or 'withdrawal' They are instant in thier buff, and can be used as "ghetto stims" though only one can be used at a time.

What is this spice 'Withdrawal'?
Well, basically take all the stats you got from the spice you took, then take them the exact opposite direction. In the case of neutron pixie's +1k health, you will more than likely not have a health bar during your withdrawal and can easily become incapacitated. This withdrawal will last for 1/3rd of the spices duration. Neutron Pixie's withdrawal last about 4.5 minutes. Since the up is 13minutes or so (800s) that's not bad.

Wait, Spice can incap me?!
Yes, there are reports of some, not all, folks being incapped by downers. it is considered a bug.

Where did my spice buff go?
Well, sometimes when entering or exiting a building, my spice buff just...disappears, and I will still suffer from withdrawal later, so be careful.

Do spices stack with a chef's food?
Yes, the increase in stat from both food and spice will "stack" meaning that they will both add to the stat.

How many spices can be active at once?
One. Including withdrawal time.

Why can't I experiment on Spice?
Because the Devs removed the ability until they can build a system for it to do something.

What spice does what? Can you tell me more?
If you need more information, Snaproll has put together a great spice guide:
Snaproll's Spice Guide

How to use a factory
For spice: (using muon gold for this example)

Obtain enough rad, water, and metal to make 10 or so crates of Muon Gold, bout 3750 of each.

Obtain a Food Factory.

Obtain a Gen/Weapon/Droid, crafting tool.

Stand near a Gen.Wep.Droid public crafting station, or get a droid with a gen.crafting module.

Start crafting tool, select the Food tab.

Make a Muon Gold, BUT when you get to the window that says "make a prototype or Make a schematic" select schematic, name it if you want to change it, leave it at 1000.

Place a Food Factory, Do NOT put any power in it yet.

The menu on the lower right of the radial has the option insert schematic, click it, a new window opens with a list of all the schems you have made, select the one you want the factory to make.

Back to the radial, same sub menu, select open ingredient hopper.

Put your rad, water, and food in. Close the window.

NOTE: You will need to always use the same ingredients you made the schematic with. If you run out of something, destroy the schem and make a new one.

Open radial on the factory and go to the top right menu, use this to insert your maintenance and power. You waited till now to put in your power because the factory would of taken your Rad from your Muon recipe.

Now that everything is in go to the Lower left sub menu, select start manufacture.

The factory will run till it:

Runs out of maintenance: approx 1400c a day (always consumed running or not.)

runs out of power, approx. 500 a day if good stuff. (only consumed while running)

Runs out of material

Runs the schematic out (1000 units max)

Examine the factory, it will tell you what it is making and a number for time, as well as the number made so far.

The time is the number of seconds per item. I forget how fast Muon is, but I think it takes about an hour a crate. (time_displayed*25/60=minutes per crate) This time is based on the complexity rating of the item.

Each crate will be 25, this is not changeable. BUT you can split the crates afterward if you want smaller. Sometimes the factory will twitch and make a partial crate.

Same basic process for slicing tools, except you need to use a Equipment Factory.

Novice...................Novice Smuggler

Underworld 4........Fixer

Slicing 4................Slicer

Dirty Fighting 4.....Rogue

Spices 4................Fence

and of course Master Smuggler

What Weapon Certifications are granted in the Smuggler tree?

How do I smuggle?
The extent of Smuggling currently is avoidance of contraband scans. You earn this ability at novice and it increases throughout the Underworld tree. Master Smugglers have the highest ability to avoid scans. (covered further in Underworld section)

Once I reach novice smuggler, can I get rid of Unarmed?
No. Unless you no longer want to be a smuggler.

Where are the smuggler trainers?

Mos Eisley, Tatooine by the Cantina:......3400, -4880

Keren, Naboo by the Starport:................1360, 2835

Keren, Naboo by the Cloning Station:.....1845, 2770

Daeric, Talus:..........................................165, -2890

Is it true that Bothans make better smugglers?
It depends on what you think makes a better Smuggler.

Bothans get an additional 10% discount off faction perks. Please be aware that the discount takes effect after the actual purchase. So you must still meet the cost to purchase a faction perk, but when you actually purchase it, you will notice that you don't spend the full amount.

This is the only bonus that Bothans get, over a smuggler of another race.


Does the quality of tools/weapons have any bearing on my slice%?

GreenMarine - June 14, 2004
This is a developer statement that tool quality does not matter on slicing equipment at this time.

GreenMarine wrote:
NikkiDial has it correct. The Master box improves slicing, but the tool quality and other things do not.

Can you pick the stat that increases on my weapon/armor?
No. It is completely random.

Does a Master Smuggler have bonuses to slicing above and beyond that of a Slicer 4?
Yes. The Devs have confirmed a bonus, but not elaborated on it. (see avg slice ranges below)

What can be Sliced?

Novice Smuggler: Only locked containers.
Slicing 1: Containers and Mission terminals.
Slicing 2: All Above and Weapons.
Slicing 3: All above and Armor.
Slicing 4: Nothing new, but better returns on average.
Master Smuggler: Nothing new, but the best returns possible.

How much xp do I get per slice?
Mission Terminals are 100xp, Base Terminals are 1000xp, everything else is 250xp. 0xp for a failed slice.

How can I tell if a weapon/armor piece has been sliced?
There is a flag included with Publish 7 that will show a normal player if the items is sliced or not when you examine it.

"This weapon has been altered by a Smuggler and may bring unwanted attentions from the Empire."

Do I have to hand over my weapon/armor to get it sliced?
Yes... so be careful of potential scamming and look for trusted smugglers. Also be sure to note the stats and even the serial number on your item if you're worried.

Can you slice missions for others?
No. We can slice any term we can use, but only the Slicer, can get the higher rewards. Of course if he is in a group at the completion of the mission the group will have a cut of this increased payout.

Where do I find containers?
These are found when looting humanoid enemies. Basically anything that wears clothing. (Swoopers, Pirates, Meatlumps, Wookie Brawlers, etc.) They are also sometimes found on a "Treasure Map" quest.

What is inside a locked container?
95% of the time, junk. Ranging from low end weapons, melons, single bits of resources and maybe an article of clothing or two. Perhaps another locked containers as well. 4% of the time... NOTHING. So please don't feel a Slicer has scammed you if he hands you back an empty container, it happens. 1% of the time some folks have found skill tapes, saber crystals, and other oddities in containers, so ya never know.

How do I slice a mission term and what does it do for me?

Click on a Mission Terminal and select Slice from the radial menu.

A Standard Slicing interface will open, and you can use Molecular Clamps or FANs as normal.

If you slice a Mission term successfully, then open the terminal mission window, the first page of missions will have about 25-50% higher payout than normal.

If you refresh the screen it goes back to normal.

This grants you 100slicing xp, and you cannot slice Any terminal again for 2min.

Extremely high payout missions seem to slice for less of an increase.

Can you slice faction terminals?
Yes, you will get a bump on your payout like a normal mission term would. Also you get an increase to faction earned for the mission, but not the faction you earn by killing the targets, only mission completion reward.

What does Slicing do to my weapon?

Sliced weapons get approx. a 5-35% permanent increase in damage(min AND max)OR a 5-35% faster weapon when successfully sliced.

The more skilled the Slicer, the better return you'll see. (See the average results below) The weapon is still able to be used with power-ups and repairable as normal.

A sliced weapon will decay faster, but not horribly faster.

If you slice a weapon with a powerup attached, the powerup is automatically removed (and destroyed) before the slice is performed.

If you slice an insured item, it will need re-insuring.

What does Slicing do to my armor?

Slicing armor increases the effectiveness 5-35% OR it decreases the encumbrance by 5-45%. The more skilled the Slicer, the better return you'll see. (See the average results below)

Each piece is sliced separately.

Sliced armor is repairable as normal.

The condition is lost at an increased rate, but not too much.

If you slice an insured piece of armor, it will need re-insuring.

What happens if you slice a Shield Generator?
It's considered armor, it can lower the HAM cost or increase the effectiveness. This is of arguable value though since a shield generator can get to 0 condition in one fight alone. Also, you can get a HAM reduction slice on a shield generator that has 0 HAM cost to begin with.

Average Slicing Results:
I am listing the majority opinion on percent increases, there have been rare reports of Slices outside these ranges, but 99.9% of reported Slices fall within these ranges. No one has the facts but the Devs, and they ain't talkin...

Slicing 1:

Weapon: N/A

Armor: N/A

Slicing 2:

Weapon: 10-25% Speed or Damage

Armor: N/A

Slicing 3:

Weapon: 10-25% Speed or Damage

Armor: 5-20% Effectiveness

Armor: 5-30% Encumbrance

Slicing 4

Weapon: 10-30% Speed or Damage

Armor: 5-30% Effectiveness

Armor:15-40% Encumbrance

Master Smuggler:

Weapon: 15-35% Damage or Speed

Armor: 11-35% Effectiveness

Armor: 20-45% Encumbrance

What tools are used in Slicing?

To slice anything you need a laser knife(s). Two charges will be used.(one for each wire). Novice Smugglers and above can make laser knives. Knives come with 10 charges each.

To slice a weapon you also require a Weapon Upgrade Kit, these can be made by Novice Weaponsmiths.
To slice armor you require knives and an Armor Upgrade Kit, these can be made by Novice Armorsmiths.

At Slicing 2 you can make Flow Analyzer Nodes (FANs). You can use a FAN prior to choosing a wire in the slicing dialog. The FAN will direct you as to which wire to cut with a 75% accuracy. The FAN will tell you which line has more power flowing through it - that's the one you cut.

At Slicing 4 you can make Molecular Clamps (MolClamps or just Clamps.) A Molecular Clamp used prior to choosing a wire will direct you to the proper wire to cut 100% of the time. IF you read the window and follow instructions.

All Tools are consumed in the process of Slicing.

Do I add a FAN and then the clamp when I am slicing?
No. If you have a clamp use it INSTEAD of the FAN. The clamp will do all the work as long as you know how to follow instructions (HINT: cut the wire it tells you to). It has been said that adding a FAN and a clamp messes with the 100% accuracy of the clamp.

Can I use Molecular Clamps/FANs as a Novice?
Yes, they have no certification and can be used by any Smuggler.

Can you slice something more than once?
No, only one attempt can be made. With the exception of mission terminals which can be sliced once every 2min.

What happens if you fail a slice?
On containers, the container locks forever. On weapons/armor, no damage is done, BUT no one can try to slice the weapon/armor again. On Mission Terminals, nothing.

Can weapons be sliced better than 35%?
There have been 2-3 reports (game wide) of weapons sliced as high as the low forties. It has not been done in anyway that is repeatable. Nor has it been reported since Slicing 4 has been "fixed". 9-03-03

I heard Slicing 4 was bugged?
It was. The abilities of Slicing 2 and Slicing 4 were swapped. As of 9-03-03 they have been swapped back to their intended settings.

I cannot put stuff into my unlocked container. It says I don't have permission to access it?
If you shift the container around it will let you use it again. Such as move it to your backpack then back to your root inventory. Or from your house floor, drop and pickup, or from the bank. This seems to reset it till you next want to put something in it.

Why am I getting the message "You are already slicing"?
This is caused by slicing on the run, if you happen to run across a server line (i.e., you get the messages "you have left Theed" / "you are entering an outpost" etc) while slicing. The one and only fix the CSRs know of at this point is this: you have to log out for 30 minutes. I know it stinks, but it's the only thing to do. Barring that, the morning server reboot seems to clear it as well.

A walk-through on weapon slicing:(w/Clamps)

You will need:

The weapon

A laser knife with at least 2 charges

A Weapon Upgrade Kit (WUK)

A Molecular Clamp

A lag and distraction free moment.

Open your inventory

Click and hold (or right click) the weapon to be sliced, to open the radial menu.

Hesitate for a moment, the slice option should appear at the bottom of the menu after 1-2 sec.

Click Slice, a slicing dialog will open.

Click on "Shunt the power with a molecular clamp." message, ensure it is highlighted and hit enter.

READ the dialog box in the slicing window. It will tell you what color the Molecular Clamp lights up.

Click on the selection to cut the color wire that the clamp has directed you too. Ensure it is highlighted and hit enter.

Click on the remaining wire, ensure it is highlighted and hit enter.

The slicing results will now scroll across your screen, and in your system message window.

Same for armor, just substitute a AUK for the WUK. Containers of course require no upgrade kit but are done the same as well.

How to Slice a Faction Base Terminal:

You must be Declared and Overt to Slice the terminal.
You must have Slicing 1 or greater.
After the Bounty Hunter jams the Uplink Terminal, and only if they are successful, then you slice the security terminal.
The Security Terminal is oval in shape and dark in color. It will have the label "Security Terminal" when you mouse over it.
The interface is normal, and works exactly as if you were slicing any mission terminal.
There is a known bug that it may report the color of the wire incorrectly, but the polarity seems more dependable. It's my recommendation that you pay more attention to negative and positive rather than red or blue. (Positive=Blue Negative=Red)
If you do screw up, you will have the option of repairing the Security Terminal, and in a unknown amount of time you will be able to retry the slice. (~2-4 min)

Other notes:

Don’t Rush, the only timer running is the Vulnerability window each Factional Base has. I have seen Bounty Hunters jam their terminal, and the Smuggler falls in combat, only to clone and make their way back to the base and still successfully slice the Security Terminal.
1000 Slicing XP is the reward for a successful slice.
The terminal will not appear when the base is not vulnerable. The bases are "safe" for 22 hours, and "vulnerable" for 2 hours. Within this 2 hour window is when the terminals can be sliced, and a base destroyed.
Thanks Seekealei of Bria!!

Underworld Abilities
What good is Underworld's comp languages skill?
Underworld I grants the ability for Smugglers to understand all languages even if not previously trained. In the games current state most folks know all languages by the time they earn their first skill block. However the Smuggler does get the ability to understand Lekku, the Twi'lek "head tail" languages. Which no non-Twi'lek normally can.

How do I Evade Contraband Scans? (Smuggling)
Thunderheart- Novice Smugglers with “underworld” abilities will have a 15% chance to evade contraband searches plus an additional 15% for each skill box and Master Smugglers add another 20% for a total of 95%. Players in both the wilderness and cantinas may avoid shakedown searches if grouped with smugglers for the same bonuses. In order to receive the smuggler bonus from being grouped with the player the smuggler must be within range (35m)

What is "Contraband"?
Contraband is: Rebel Faction Equipment, Spice, Sliced weapons and armor. Player items are not confiscated. “Crackdowns” occur in the wilderness, “Shakedowns” look for covert rebels and occur in Planetary Cantinas (not player Cantinas)

Who can I buy faction with?
Rebel or Imperial only. You buy at the recruiter.

How do I Buy/Sell faction points?
At Underworld III you get Sell Out which lets you sell your faction points, 25FP=210-300c on average, but sometimes they pay you nothing. To use this skill go to the opposite recruiter of the faction you would like to sell, and select, "I have some valuable information for you" dialog.

At Underworld IV you get Connections which lets you Buy Faction: 1000c=10FP or 10,000c=125FP There are however several limitations to this ability:

You cannot buy any faction if your enemy faction is over 200, "You are a known (insert enemy) sympathizer..."

You cannot buy faction if your current total in that faction is >500.

You cannot buy faction from an opposing recruiter if you're declared. (declared includes Coverts)

To use this skill go to the recruiter who's faction you want to buy into and select, "I would like to make a donation to your cause" dialog.

Why would I buy faction then?
The ability to buy faction allows you to maintain positive faction on both sides, if you do not get in too many scuffles. This gives the Smuggler a bit more freedom in being able to switch sides as he/she pleases. This can aid you in trading with Overts, or in being able to go to any theme park or story line quest.

Also with the ability to /delegatefaction in the game you can sell faction points as a commodity to other players. The cost is ruinous, and if you are not at least a commander in rank you will lose a significant amount of faction in the trade as well, but some folks are willing to wait and pay you to delegate them faction. It is a slow process due to the 500fp cap.

Is anyplace better than another for buying faction?
If you buy faction in a player owned base, the credits spent go to the maintenance pool of the base. While this doesn't benefit the smuggler directly, at least the credits get some additional use.


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Post Re: SWG Profession Guide - Smuggler
How To Grind Smuggler


Pistol XP


Underworld I - 175000 XP
Underworld II - 100000 XP
Underworld III - 200000 XP
Underworld IV - 300000 XP

Dirty Fighting

Pistol XP


Dirty Fighting I - 175000 XP
Dirty Fighting II - 250000 XP
Dirty Fighting III - 350000 XP
Dirty Fighting IV - 450000 XP

There are many ways to gain pistol XP and depending on who you talk to you will get a different answer. Here are a few:
Shoot anything that moves.
Take quenker and/or voritor missions on Dantooine.
Take giant baznitch missions on Dathomir.


Slicing XP

XP Payouts
1000 XP / opposing faction HQ Base terminal
250 XP / locked container
250 XP / weapon
100 XP / mission terminal


Laser Precision Knife: 16 metal
Molecular Clamp: 90 non-ferrous metal


Slicing I - 5000 XP
20 locked containers
20 molecular clamps
4 laser precision knives

Slicing II - 10000 XP
40 locked container
40 molecular clamps
8 laser precision knives

Slicing III - 25000 XP
100 weapons
100 molecular clamps
100 weapon upgrade kits (WUKs)
20 laser precision knives

Slicing IV - 50000 XP
200 weapons
200 molecular clamps
200 weapon upgrade kits (WUKs)
40 laser precision knives

Grand Total:

60 locked containers
360 molecular clamps
72 laser precision knives
300 weapons
300 weapon upgrade kits (WUKs)


Spice Crafting XP

XP Payouts
126 XP / Shadowpaw (practice mode)


Shadowpaw: 25 organics, 5 metal


Spices I - 8000 XP
64 shadowpaw
1600 organics
320 metal

Spices II - 12000 XP
96 shadowpaw
2400 organics
480 metal

Spices III - 16000 XP
127 shadowpaw
3175 organics
635 metal

Spices IV - 20000 XP
159 shadowpaw
3975 organics
795 metal

Grand Total:

446 shadowpaw
11150 organics
2230 metal

note: amounts do not take into account critical failures.

To quickly grind spices, you should have 3 crafting tools in your inventory and alternate between them as you craft spice.


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Post Re: SWG Profession Guide - Smuggler
Anyone have a recommendation for a 2nd prof? I think Pistoleer or TKM would be rather obvious. From a RP standpoint either work for me...

Checking the builder, looks like Master Smuggler, TKM & Fencer 3330 would be rather nice.

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Post Re: SWG Profession Guide - Smuggler
Mal wrote:
Anyone have a recommendation for a 2nd prof? I think Pistoleer or TKM would be rather obvious. From a RP standpoint either work for me...

Checking the builder, looks like Master Smuggler, TKM & Fencer 3330 would be rather nice.

brawler/pistoleer sounds good for a smuggler.mabye fencer/pistoleer:You never know when you will be in a bar fight :p (cantina fight to be exact)
melee combat + Extra pistol skills will come in handy

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Post Re: SWG Profession Guide - Smuggler
Most people who used a smuggler in PvP went pistoleer, as the only combat abilities granted by Smuggler are pistol ones.

There was also the "triple threat" template - Master Smug/Master Pist/TKM. This was quite versatile and devastating if used cleverly but had no medic so required careful buff, food and spice management.


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