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SWG Profession Guide - Rifleman
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Post SWG Profession Guide - Rifleman
Rifleman FAQ
By Ackehece

1) what to hunt:
generally people will tell you to go to dantooine and hunt quenkers (not savage ones!!!)
they give great xp and pay out well if you do missions while doing it.
myself I took my time and hunted many things
pickets on lok, Quenkers, (Snorbals, Bolle Bulls, Rancors (in a newb group - no solo grouping
before you have a few columns of speed!)) I found snakes on lok are easy 1-2 shot kills (and if
prone they can never aggro fast enough to avoid being killed ^_^) Tortons are also perrenial
favorites. Talus and Rori are good places to level as well. make sure you stay at the 55+ m
mark and shoot while prone - make sure it doesn't have more then 10-15k ham and more then
light armor if you plan to solo at novice rifleman. (unless you are a scout and can run like the wind)
Telling someone what to hunt is actually a very hard job- it depends on your play style and
what you want to gain from it. Money? XP? Loot? are you already an elite combat prof? are
you a master marksmen? it helps with the speed and accuracy at the bottem end and even
more at the top of the rifleman profession.
Finally if you are grinding - it is best to group with something... a pet, a droid , a person?
all give you a bonus to your exp you get per kill

2) what to hunt with:
PVE: e11, laser rifle, t-21, dxr6-b, berserker, spraystick, sg82 = a huge variety of
damage types - do an examine and see what armor level a creature has and what
it is susceptible to. AP IS YOUR FRIEND HERE! a 25% damage bonus per level
over the armor of the creature you are shooting at will help immensely!
generally you will probably use a laser rifle, e11, and the dxr6-b until you get some
speed and then the T-21 comes to the fore as the best all around rifle.
PVP: Jawa, dxr-6, and T-21
jawa = stun damage and ignores much of the armor
dxr-6 = accurate and high damaging as well as no Shield Gen stops it damage
T-21 = all out damage!

3) Charging creatures:
Strategy #1 is to take the creature out quickly (while using cover, maskscent, etc)
so that it's dead before it knows what hit it and never has the chance to charge you.
Strategy #2 is to team up with another player or creature who can absorb the creature's
attacks while you snipe at it from a distance.
Strategy #3 if you have scout use traps that slow down creatures
Strategy #4 *IMPORTANT!* threaten and warning shot in the Marksmen 0004 column!
warning shot can be used to drive creatures away - use peace immediately after
you see the attack stick. If you can do that three or more times the creature seems
to slow down as long as you do not hit it with another warning shot. Over all the
best method if you can not kill a creature without being detected

night4554 Tools of the unbuffed, unarmored player:

= Warning Shot
= Suppression Fire
= Phenacine Dart
= Adhesive Mesh
= Any Knockdown (Novice Pistoleer and x/x/x/1 gets you a Melee Knockdown)
= Warcry (From Brawler)
= Burstrun
= Line of Sight (for ranged opponents)
= Take Cover, Mask Scent (note you cannot Peace while under Cover)
= Conceal Shot
= Nearby Vehicle
= Pet Tank (Guard or Kill Command)
= Droid Tank (Guard or Kill Command)
= Neutron or Muon Spice (for really hairy situations)
*edited at the request of night4554*

3) buffs and armor:
First off, yes, do slice armor! If you can afford to get a full encumberance-sliced set, that
could be a worthwhile investment. Second, are your Mind stats maxed out? What
species are you? A Human with 800 encumberance composite armor can eat 2 Ahrisa
and drink 2 Brandys and spam specials for at least half an hour(up to 40-45 minutes)
if they have their Mind stats set to the optimal 1100/1100/800. Wearing any sort of
Composite, Ubese, or Padded armor will affect your HAM greatly, forcing you to also
invest in food and drink. Every Rifleman should have Brandy, Ahrisa, and Muon.
Canape, Citrus Snow Cakes, and Vercupti are also nice to have available.
Ahrisa adds 400+ to Focus for ~45 minutes at 33 filling. Canape adds 700+ to Focus and Willpower.

If I recall, it has near 33 filling as well with a duration of about 10 minutes. I prefer Ahrisa to Canape,

but Canape can be better in tighter situations. In the worst situations(basically just the DWB),

Muon Gold(spice) is good to have. +500 to Mind/Focus/Willpower for 10 minutes with the

opposite effect for 3 minutes afterwards.

4) the learning curve:
rifleman is slow at first due to the speed of your general attacks, this will change ^_^
1st) you can single draw as a rifleman - attack at traget at 55+m and if it does
aggro before it dies only it should chase you (this does fail time to time)
2) Conceal shot allows you to attack much bigger things then you really should ^_^
great xp but slow and beware of random bleeds left by conceal shot - they will get you killed
3) speed and accuracy are what you should go after when learning rifle first - I
prefer speed (but only if you have the Combat experience from another profession)
other prefer accuracy - play around a bit - if you have a highly accurrate rifle go 003x, if
you laser rifle or t-21 is fast 4-5 secs maybe go accuracy 400x
4) AOE's will be your life blood!
5) we do not have a knockdown per say - but we do have an AOE which inflicts
dizzy on NPCs and if you have master marksmen you should have suprresion fire
which forces a posture change down - when they stand again is when they get
doing the flopping fish impression ^_^ waste93 expansion Also you may want to
change the KD section to reflect that it is only a voluntary posture change that causes
the flopping fish. Also that Dizzy only works on NPCs. Along with the flopping fish effect.

5) Rifle speed:
Rifle is slow until you master- this is a no dabble profession- at master you should be
almost 2x as fast as you are currently
as for skill order you might want to try to get 0103 or 0033 or some such . the three
column in the last 2 gives an AOE which are very nice the 0100 column gives
conceal shot which is a shot you can shot pretty much indefinitely at ranges
of +50m and never draw aggro (unless you miss a few times or land a bleed )
You might want to consider switching to a faster laser rifle it may not be ap3 but
is can have a huge upper damage range and is considerably faster. Also check
out DXR6-b's they are faster then t-21's and substantially more accurate in all
range bands. both should help you low level specials get faster.
you could also try 4000 for the accuracy which is always in demand Waste93
pointed this out to me ^_^ I prefered the AOE's but if you are not already uber
with the armor and you don't hunt with a Meatshield (ie: your tk friend :-p) it may
be better to go with accuracy - see following reason
waste93 expansion:Not sure if I agree with your idea of which branch to go up
first. Going up to FlushingShot2 works great if you have someone or something
to tank. But without that you are in trouble as it will aggro MOBs which are
frequently melee to a range your AoE won't work and your accuracy is horrible.

6) PVP and you
PVP is not really something a Novice rifleman should participate
in as your speed will be slow and your accuracy will be bad. If you
are still intent on it as you climb the speed and accuracy trees you will find that
pvp becomes more and more viable. Once you hit master you literally will double
your damage output and at that point you should be good to go.
1) higher accuracy = avoids defences better so you hit more often
2) stun is a fair damage type for pvp - but it has been getting less and less so
since the advent of stun armor and stun shield gens and foods such as synthsteak
3) Foods are a necessitty currently as are buffs and stun armor and shield
4) Flushing 2 creates a stun affect which can lower defences and help you hit
more often harder.
5) currently headshot2/3 are our best attacks, this is changing and it maybe
that raw damage output will soon supersed this so ss2 (master level- again
pvp is not something novices really should be doing) might be better.
6) the DXR-6 and the t-21 are also viable PVP weapons, the High accuracy of
the DXR-6b helps as does the Heavy armor piercing of the T-21
7) Instead of Max damage powerups go for 30%+ min damage powerups and
some other stat such as + accuracy if you can , this helps avoid Mitigation issues
8) Sniper shot is useful but not as useful as you might imagine
9) get disease/poison innoculations now...

Armor Piercing:
AP means Armor Piercing. When you look at a weapon it will say None, Light,
Medium, or Heavy. Those translate to AP0, AP1, AP2, and AP3.
For each level that the AP is above the AR (Armor Level) of the target you get a 25% cummalative bonus to damage. So AP3 vs AR0 (3steps) is 195% damage. AP3 vs AP1 or AP2 vs AR0 (2steps) means 156% damage. AP3 vs AR2, AP2 vs AR1, or AP1 vs AR0 (1step) means 125% damage. If even then it's 100% damage.

If the target is vulnerable to the damage type then the the target is considered AR0 and the weapon loses any AP bonus. It basically becomes AP0.

For each level that the armor is greater than the AP, you lose 50% damage. So 1step is 50%, 2steps 25%, and 3steps 12.5%.

So which AP is better? Usually the higher the AP the better off you are. But it will depend on the targets resists. It is possible that a weapon with a lower AP is better because the target may have lower resists to it. Also the lower AP could be better if the target is vulnerable to the higher AP damage type since you lose the AP bonus in that case. Waste93

Armor Attachments and Clothing Attachments:
+ numbers help our skills, - numbers reduce our skills (you want positive ones ^_^)
Rifle Speed is the most sought after as it can literally double your damage output (+7 rifle speed is all we need to cap as master rifleman)
Rifle Crawl is broken so the attachments do nothing as of now
Never put the same type of mod into the same piece of clothing as you will just lose the second one and it will be lost forever

Max Range:
All attacks have a max range of 64m (no we can not do 300m sniper kill shots on players)

Tibits of Info that may or may not help you

if you are a master marksmen or have the 0004 column of marksmen

AIM!!!! use the /aim function when you are at low levels and using things such as conceal shot
you can stack them

means you will miss much less while out there all by yourself on your belly
looking at the evil snorbal that wants to powder your bones!

/prone+/aim+/any rifle shot will hit much more often and if you are at a long range
you can get many shots off of any type without getting aggroed instantly

what does cover do?
Cover gives a defensive mod against a ranged attacker, it does not add to you success or failure of a /concealshot.

Beam Rifle?
there is no certification for this weapon - it was never intended to be a rifleman weapon,
it was originally a commando weapon before launch but it was not removed from the
weaponsmiths creation certifications so we see them pop up once and a while

AOE Bug Temp Fix

If you get trapped by an AOE that no longer does damage to the
lair you are attacking and everything else you
must break out of the loop. there are a few ways to escape the
dreaded AOE bug. The most effective way is:

1) get outta the range of the lair !!!!! (off radar if you can even!)
2) kill the targets aggro'd on you (or Break aggro) (click on nothing to
see what you are currently fighting)
3) go through a peace sequence
4) get within range of the lair and shoot again


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